The Urban Flower Project

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Pick Up A Book!

The Urban Flower Project is a nonprofit organization that offers targeted professional development to early childhood educators. The Urban Flower Project also educates parents to promote reading, education, and empowerment for their children.

Our motto "Pick Up a Book!" directly relates the philosophy of the organization: that education is empowering and is powerful. 

 About Us...
The Urban Flower Project began as a social action project in 2002 by Jameelah R Wright when she was a student at Rutgers University. Initially named The Apple and the Oranges, Inc., the purpose of the organization was to provide free literacy tutoring and instruction to children in the urban school districts of East Orange and Orange, New Jersey. After graduation, Jameelah began to develop her teaching philosophy and mission, seeing all young children as seeds with much potential and the possibility of becoming beautiful flowers under the right conditions, she changed the name of the organization to The Urban Flower Project.  In March of 2004, after changing the organization was officially incorporated the organization and received nonprofit status. 
After recruiting volunteers and working locally in the East Orange community for a few years, Jameelah realized the scope of the literacy issue was much bigger than her and her dedicated volunteers. To really make an impact, she would have to reach the teachers who work directly with students. By providing professional development to these teachers on a variety topics, The Urban Flower Project could help create the conditions in which students can successfully in the classroom. 


The Urban Flower Project is funded by generous contributors like yourself. Any amount you donate today will be used to drive the mission of this organization forward. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent by law.


The Urban Flower Project, P.O. Box 5298, East Orange, NJ 07017

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