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Programs & Initiatives

The Urban Flower Project currently consists of multiple programs: Shiny Apples, Book Fairy, Book Fairy Book Scholarship, Boys with Books, and Teachers Anonymous.

Shiny Apples:

Shiny Apples is an educator professional development program. The Urban Flower Project is a registered New Jersey professional development provider. Workshops focus on professionalism, working with families and children in urban school districts, and best teaching practices.

Boys with Books: 

Boys with Books is an effort to get young boys interested in books and reading.  The program recruits and invites men from the community into the       classroom to be positive male role models and to read to students.

Teachers Anonymous: 

      Teacher burnout is real! The solution: A monthly support group for teachers. Teachers Anonymous meets once a month.

Book Fairy Program: 

The Book Fairy Program promotes reading at home by donating new and gently used books to children for their home libraries.

Book Fairy Book Scholarship: 

     The Book Fairy Book Scholarship awards college book scholarhsips to students.  

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